5 Common Usages for Cold Room Rental

Cold room rentals are commonly seen in the food industry, health care industry, electronic industry, tobacco industry and chemical industry. Renting a cold room will allow you to customise and upgrade your settings as much as you require while saving a lot of money. Cold rooms won’t only maintain a high standard of perservation for your products but will also allow you to have backup solutions at your disposal.

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1. Preserving Foods Fresh for Consumption

Businesses that are specialised in manufacturing different food items use cold room rentals to preserve their foods. Grocery stores, food processing or food manufacturing companies and fast food establishments or restaurants are some of the common businesses that use cold room rentals. This is because freezing food in cold rooms ensure that it is perfect for consumption.

So how would renting a cold room for your business guarantee your food products to be consumable? There are actually numerous scientific reasons behind it. According to William Schafer who is a researcher at the University of Minnesota Extension, the reason behind the perishing of raw food products like fruits, vegetables or meats are the enzymes inside them. These enzymes cause chemical changes that lead to the items becoming rotten. Freezing these food produces in a cold room will help these enzymes to become inactive.

What’s more is that a cold room will allow all your food items whether cooked or uncooked, to be protected from the toxins released from contaminants. Schafer stated that freezing under the right temperatures is crucial in order to prevent the multiplication of micro-organisms. Schafer recommends cold room storages because they are able to maintain a steady temperature within a large space. He warned that an overflowing freezer of unfrozen food products with fluctuating temperatures always lead to a low quality product. Fluctuating temperatures cause gradual and uneven freezing.

2. Keeping Medicines and Medical Samples Safe from Contaminants

Cold room rentals are commonly utilised in the biomedical industry. Hospitals, health care clinics, pharmacies and scientific researchers rent cold rooms to keep medicines under a steady temperature away from contaminants. Medical samples or biological samples like blood samples, excretory samples, tissue samples and forensic samples are also stored in cold rooms. A research article by International Journal of Analytical Chemistry showed the effects of storing medical drugs and specimens under uncontrolled storage facilities. If you don’t store batches of medical samples in correctly controlled low temperatures, the entire batch may become spoiled. This can lead to inaccurate test results. Inaccurate test results and ineffective medicines can all affect the quality of health care service for any health care centre or facility.


A specialist in the medical field, Brittany Petroff declared the importance of utilizing cold rooms to store items necessary for health care facilities. Petroff had explain that cold rooms are ideal for storing medicines as they need to be kept under cool and steady temperatures. She also explained that you would need to prevent medicines from remaining in direct sunlight and high humidity since all of it can cause micro-organisms to reproduce. The viability of medicines can be ensured by controlling these vital conditions.

Cold room rentals will allow your health care service or research establishment to keep all the medical samples and drugs under a suitably controlled environment where an ideally low temperature setting and an uncontaminated setting is maintained. TPS Healthcare Group Limited from Central Scotland and Northampton utilise cold rooms to preserve pharmaceutical and surgical supplies under the perfect conditions.

3. Protecting Electronic Equipment from any Damage

The industries specialising in electronic equipment manufacturing or distribution utilise cold rooms commonly to store machines in a preferably low temperature range. This is because intricate technological machines like computers, automobiles and other electronic products require specific low temperature ranges in order to function properly.

You may be wondering why electronic equipment require a specific controlled environment. Based on explanation by experienced engineers on the site, Electrical Engineering, the main reason is that electronics consist of electric circuits. There are various important components in electric circuits like conductors, semiconductors and similar others that need to remain in a cool climate to prevent it from heating up. An overheated circuit can become damaged and the product may fail to perform optimally.

One of UK’s local car constructors, Voith Industrial Services Limited, needed a cold room to store their massive lot of tyres and wheels before assembly. They needed to store their alloy wheels in approximately 17 degrees Celsius. They needed to store their tyres in a temperature range close to that range in order to stop the rubber from losing elasticity.

4. Maintaining the Flavours of Tobacco Products

If you are planning to run a business with tobacco products, then cold room rentals will be the main key to your success. This is because tobacco products need to have their freshness sealed in order to be enjoyed thoroughly by its buyers. To inhibit the loss of the flavours and prevent the moisture build-up in cigars, it is recommended that you store them in 70% humidity and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, according to The Blending Room. This may be different for other tobacco products but the main idea is to keep the temperatures low since warm air contains more moisture than cold air.

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A renowned tobacco manufacturing company from China, Shanghai Tobacco used a cold room as a sustainable solution to preserve its tobacco products properly. The company used a cold room of 360 square metres which emitted CPI Passive Cooling on its internal 78 F-Series Tera Frame Cabinets.

5. Storing Chemicals for Secured Preservation

If you’re looking to set up a business in the chemical industry, then cold rooms will be essential for the quality of the chemical product and the safety of everyone around it. Most chemicals need to be stored at a constant low temperature so that they cannot be ignited, into a life-threatening explosion. Apart from the safety factor, chemicals also need to be stored under the correct conditions so that their molecular structures don’t change and cause inactivity.

Cytec Industries is a globally known specialist of chemical solutions, dealing with industrial coatings, adhesives, mining and several other necessities. Cytec began using cold rooms to correctly store their chemicals. They were catered with customised solutions that includes temperature adjustments and steel framed elevation blocks. The elevation blocks ensures that chemicals wouldn’t mix by accident and cause any unfavourable reaction.

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