5 types of items other than perishables that requires chill delivery service

Swirling growth of online shopping has necessitated the need for frozen parcel delivery or chilled courier services. It is very much obligatory to ensure that goods highly perishable in nature reach their destination in perfect shape and health while still being able to offer maximum shelf-life and appeal.


Cold transportation was confined to food items of perishable in nature like fish, meat, dairy products and beverages until now. Demand for freshest produce and seasonal best are mostly the reason we see stacks of frozen food in supermarkets. Fruits, flowers, chocolates are also among those goods that require chilled courier services

Apart from food and goods of perishable nature, there are many products or objects that require temperature controlled logistics. Might sound strange, but many non-perishable items need to be hauled at specified temperatures and humid environments to keep them safe till their destinations. Here are a few of them that might startle you:

Arts, Artifacts and Antiques:

Yes, artifacts and antiques like fine arts, rare sculptures, etc., do require to be transported at certain temperatures to maintain their appeal and longevity. Believe it or not, but high temperatures and humidity affect their delicate finish. Extremely low temperatures are equally harmful. As fine arts and antiques are fragile and sensitive in nature, movers need to ensure climate-controlled environment for their storage and conservation approved materials for packing for a safe trip of these valuables.

Tobacco Products:

High temperatures and humidity can dilute and dampen the freshness of tobacco products. Their subtle flavors are lost if they are not stored or transported at controlled temperatures. Hence, tobacco manufacturing companies warrant for temperature controlled logistics for their cigars and cigarettes to retain quality and freshness until they are consumed.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products:

Personal care products are mostly made of chemicals and seek for temperature controlled settings for their storage and transit. Aftershave lotions, perfumes, deo sprays and similar products have alcohol as their basic ingredient which needs to be in cool environs. Cosmetics like mascara and lipsticks tend to melt and loosen up at high temperatures. Beauty products like serums and creams show a change in their appearance and consistency caused due to exposure to heat and humidity. Their packaging sometimes may not be able to ensure safety of the contents inside them and so require proper conditions for storage and shipping.


Chemicals and Electronic Goods:

Leaking batteries are the common examples that we see which explain the need for cool surrounding of portage of electronic goods. Climate controlled settings are mandatory when it comes to freightage of chemicals for their safety. Chemicals often tend to react at high temperatures and many accidents can be avoided if this particular aspect is taken care of.

Medicines and Vaccinations:

There are certain medicines that are needed to be handled with utmost care and carried at specified temperatures for them to work efficiently. Many medicines and serums for vaccinations lie squandered due to their exposure to inappropriate temperatures and humidity levels while transportation. Lack of proper handling is the major reason pharmaceutical products lose their potency. They are highly sensitive to temperature shocks and thus need just the right temperature for their storage and transportation.

Temperature is the key factor that needs to be controlled as required to preserve the freshness of products throughout their transmittal and storage. Maintaining prescribed temperatures and monitoring them throughout the journey is crucial. Refrigerated trucks are best options for portation of goods that need temperature-controlled environs. They help in retaining the desired ambience for any kind of goods throughout their transportation.

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