10‘, 14’ & 24’ Refrigerated Trucks Airport Clearance Services

Need to transport goods cross-country?

Rich Resources can help you.

When it comes to Airport cargo clearance, there’s alot of considerations to bear in mind that goes beyond just moving the goods. To give you a peace of mind, Rich Resources would handle the paperwork at the customs and all the details to ensure that the goods get delivered on time, intact.

Our Rate

10 footer trucks 14 footer trucks 24 footer trucks
Declaration of Permit per set $50 per sets
Clearance from terminal Min $35 or $0.08/kg (sorting $0.10/kg)
Transportation Charges $120 per trip $170 per trip up to 4 pallets or $0.10/kg or 5th pallet onwards $40/pallets whichever is higher
Number of Pallets 2 standard pallets 6 standard pallets 12 standard pallets
weight up to 1200kg weight up to 2500kg weight up to 10000kg

Package Size

Standard pallet size 1m x 1.2m x 1.5m
10″ Refrigerated Trucks – Maximum 2 pallets & Weight allowance up to 1200kg
14″ Refrigerated Trucks – Maximum 6 pallets & Weight allowance up to 2200kg
24″ Refrigerated Trucks – Maximum 12 pallets & Weight allowance up to 10000kg