10‘, 14’ & 24’ Refrigerated Trucks Airport Clearance Services

Need to transport goods cross-country?

Rich Resources can help you.

When it comes to Airport cargo clearance, there’s alot of considerations to bear in mind that goes beyond just moving the goods. To give you a peace of mind, Rich Resources would handle the paperwork at the customs and all the details to ensure that the goods get delivered on time, intact.


Perishable Products Pharmaceutical Products
(+2 to +8 ℃ or +15 to +25 ℃)
Clearance from Airport Min $25.00 or $0.05/kg Min $25.00 or $0.05/kg
Refrigerator Truck Transportation Charge   Min $200.00 or $0.15/kg Min $250.00 per trip per AWB (up to 4 pallets)

subsequent pallet: $40.00 per pallet

Customs Clearance $15.00 per AWB $15.00 per AWB
Cargo Clearance Permit $25.00-$50.00 per set $25.00-$50.00 per set

Package Size

Standard pallet size 1m x 1.2m x 1.5m
10″ Refrigerated Trucks – Maximum 2 pallets & Weight allowance up to 900kg
14″ Refrigerated Trucks – Maximum 6 pallets & Weight allowance up to 2000kg
24″ Refrigerated Trucks – Maximum 10 pallets & Weight allowance up to 8000kg