5 Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Freight Forwarding Service

Overseas shipments often turn out to be more tedious than it normally meets the eye of a business. There are several complex processes, paperwork and regulations that require specialized attention. As a highly functioning business, it is mostly wise for you to avail the services of a competent freight forwarding service that handles these critical responsibilities accurately.

According to Raymond Rau, utilizing the services of a freight forwarder is advantageous for a business. The reasons in support of this are that a competent freight forwarder manages all the auxiliary services related to international shipping, non-vessel operating carrier documentation, warehousing, international payments, Bills of Lading as well as risk assessments of shipments and provides high quality customer service. This explains Business Wire’s latest forecast of a 4.6% global freight forwarding market growth by 2019.

1. Specific Services Offered by a Freight Forwarder

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The first thing you need to do is understand all the necessities that you require from the freight forwarding service. This also means that you need to examine the quantity, frequency and the minimum delivery time of your ingoing and outgoing shipments. Do you want a door to door shipment, port to port shipment or both? Do you need to deliver worldwide or to specific locations? These important factors will help you establish whether the freight forwarding service can actually fulfil your business necessities.

Next question to ask is whether if you have adhoc requests ? Sudden shipment requirements of increased quantities can cause uncalled interruptions or delays in your shipments. In this case, an increased number of resources will be required within a short time to fulfil the shipment.

A freight forwarder may not always have large quantities of resources available in such situations. So, if the services required by your business cannot be handled finely by a freight forwarder, your business’ operation and reputation will be at stake.

2. The Experience Level of the Freight Forwarding Service

A high level of experience is essential in fulfilling a freight forwarding service. This is because the worldwide shipping sector can be extremely complex. The freight forwarder will need to know and correctly follow all the formalities and regulations to make sure that your shipments get through timely in one piece. It should be able to arrange the appropriate ways of transport, on-board commodities and treat you with bonus support at crucial times.


An experienced freight forwarder should be able to efficiently deal with situations of crises like shutdowns of ports, transport strikes or dockworker strikes. They should have extensive networking with the local managers and nurture local business relations to smoothen out any hindrances. There are significant issues on which an experienced freight forwarder will often need to focus on, like warehousing issues, customs issues and cargo rerouting. Experienced freight forwarders will ensure that you have a range of solutions and alternative options at your feet with their diverse knowledge and expertise from years of hard work.

According to Peggy Dorf, experienced freight forwarders were able to beat the 2014 dockworker strikes at the Canadian ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver successfully due to their special connections. These freight forwarders were aware of this incoming strike a significant time ago when there were just mentions and planning of the strike by the dockworkers. Their additional sources were able to inform them about the forthcoming situation so these freight forwarders were able to arrange the shipments to arrive or leave early before the strike took place.

3. How Secure is the Freight Forwarding Service for your Business?

You will feel secured by a freight forwarding service that takes care of your shipments with the right kind of insurance. An expert provider of insurance for trade and transportation, Roanoke Trade stated that freight forwarding services have different types of insurances to offer during the shipments.

A freight forwarder may possess the type of marine cargo insurance which will protect itself from any damages incurred during the shipments while on the other hand, another freight forwarding service may offer an ideal compensation for any damage or disruption to your shipment (cargo insurance). An ideal freight forwarding service like Rich Sources Logistics Pte Ltd. facilitates its business clients with the filings of independent insurance claims as well as cargo insurance.

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4. Can the Freight Forwarding Service Complement the Growth of your Developing Enterprise?


If you are a growing business that aspires to develop into a larger establishment, then you will need to be cost efficient as well as dynamic. This means that you will require a customised service from your freight forwarder so that your needs are met in all the vigorously changing situations. In this case, your hired freight forwarding service will need to accommodate the changing requirements of your enterprise. Therefore, it is best to make sure that this freight forwarder offers multiple service contracts.

As a growing enterprise, multiple service contracts will allow you to increase the quantities of your shipments easily over a wider range of locations at an economical rate.

5. Does the Freight Forwarding Service have an Enhanced Customer Service?

An enhanced customer service provided by a freight forwarding service can guarantee your satisfaction. You will feel more at ease with a timely delivery of all your shipments. An ideal customer service provided by a freight forwarder should provide you with a system to track your shipments accurately so that you can be comforted with the knowledge that the shipments will reach their destinations in time. With the use of technology, you can gain real time information on where your goods are. At the same time, it has made logistics alot more efficient than it used to be. With technology progressing at a fast pace, be sure to look for a company that can provide you with simple tracking at the minimum.local delivery

By answering these 5 questions, you will most likely end up with a satisfactory logistics company that can help bring your business to the next level. Be sure to do your due diligence!